How To Make Your WordPress Posts and WordPress Pages Auto Expire on a Chosen Time or Date

If you’re running a WordPress blog or site, you might find that occasionally you’re writing about something that is time limited. It might be that once that time or date has passed you never want the post to appear again, or you might want to take it offline to revise it.

If you’re using affiliate programs, some of the offers or deals you’re offering your readers might have a campaign date end. So a WordPress plugin that automatically unpublishes your posts would be perfect wouldn’t it! Well I’ve found one for you.

Post Expirator Will Unpublish Your Posts On a Given Date

What Post Expirator does is enables you to:

  • make a post or a page go to unpublished status at a given time/date
  • make a post or a page completely delete at a given time/date
  • optional footer in the post stating it is time/date limited

You can get Post Expirator at: – it’s a free plugin.

How to Use Post Expirator

Once you’ve downloaded the file, unzipped it and uploaded it to your plugins directory and activated it, there’s a setting page where you can choose whether your posts will unpublish or delete, and whether your pages will unpublish or delete. You also get to set the footer wording if you’re going to display a post/page footer for your readers to tell them the offer expires.

Once that’s done, if you open up any of your posts or pages in Edit mode, there’s now a new section:
auto unpublishes posts

For any post or page you now want to set a time limit on, when you’re writing it you simply tick the tick box and set the date and time. Genius – and easy.

Rap The Benefits of Automatically Unpublishing Posts and Pages

The benefits to you and your readers can be many-fold, personally I use this plugin to:

  • Save time not having to go back and unpublish a post
  • Never having to remember to unpublish a post
  • I can look through the unpublished posts and amend them after they’ve expired so the content exists but isn’t outdated, I can then publish it again once I’ve amended it
  • Site visitors don’t land on outdated pages with dud links
  • You provide a more professional website for your site visitors because your informationĀ  isn’tĀ  full of broken offers and out of date information.

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