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How Do Adult Chat Lines Work?

When people suddenly find themselves laid off, made redundant, or looking to earn an extra income, they quite often quickly stumble across adult chat lines, or adult text jobs, as a way to make money quickly. Adult Chatlines and Adult Text Jobs

But how do adult chat lines work?

Adult chat line companies run an advanced computerised telephone system. Once you’re taken on as a chat line host, the company will programme your phone number into their system and issue you with a code. This sets the system up so that when you’re logged onto their chat line system calls are automatically routed through to your telephone. For this reason, a chat line company will insist you have a landline and that you use the landline when you’re working – because they are paying for the call to be forwarded to your phone.

When you’re ready to work, you pick up your landline and dial a special phone number they give you, which is answered by an automated system. You then key in your unique code, which matches the one they’ve given you, then you hang up. From that moment forward, when somebody calls the chat line the system hunts through for the next logged in chat line operator and forwards the call to them automatically. This means the caller never knows your telephone number, nor who or where you are.

When you want to stop working, you simply dial the special phone number again and key in your unique code to log you off the system. That means no further calls will be forwarded to your landline until you log on again.

The computerised phone system the chat line company are using produces detailed stats at the push of a button that tell them exactly how long you were on the phone for. This will be a detailed list and they will have some custom reports they can produce that perhaps show:

  • the total number of calls you took
  • how long each of those calls were
  • how many of those calls were over X minutes (usually they like chat line operators to keep a caller on the line for more than a certain amount of minutes and above that time they increase your rate).

From this report they will know exactly how much to pay you.

How Much Are Chat Line Operators Paid?

Each company will pay differently, but 99% of them will pay you on a “per minute on the telephone” basis. They tend to have a two-tier payment system, for example, you might be paid 10p/minute for calls up to 20 minutes, increasing to 9p/minute if you keep the caller on the line for over 20 minutes. This is the difference between £6 and £9/hour.

You will see other adverts that offer a higher rate of pay. Most companies will pay extra for busy times. Quite often these times are late at night, for example.

How Do Adult Chat Lines Find Customers?

Most adult chat line companies will advertise extensively in the classified ads in national and local newspapers, the larger ones will take out small display adverts in adult magazines. The customers see these adverts and call in. This advertising is quite expensive for them.

What an adult chat line company is looking for is adult chat line operators who can build up regular callers. It is for this reason that a lot of them will pay a bonus if you start to get regular callers. Moving on from that, some companies will pay higher rates if you bring in your own customers – these companies will require you to “troll” on the Internet, trying to get chatting to people in online chatrooms and forums and get them to phone direct. Adult chat line operators who do this will find their earnings are a lot higher than those that sit and rely on incoming calls.

What Is The Work?

I think it goes without saying that adult chat line work is predominantly of a saucy chat nature. There aren’t many people that will simply phone in to discuss the cricket or the news! They’re phoning a premium rate number so it’d be a very expensive way of just talking to somebody. However, of course, there ARE some people who do simply want to chat, but if you are looking to work for an adult chat line company then you have to accept that 99% of your calls will be of a very adult chat nature.

How Do Adult Chat Lines Work – Can You Set up an Adult Chat Website?

Obviously the people who OWN the adult chat line companies are the ones really raking the money in … so how do you get a slice of THAT pie??  How do you set up an adult chat website yourself?

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Believe it or not, it’s quite easy. Sites like Phone Site enable YOU to have your own chatline at zero cost. This is because over the last 10 years the technology’s really moved on at breakneck speed and now there are companies set up that will simply provide you with the phone forwarding and switching at a VERY affordable rate. You could set your own adult chat line company up, easily, and get started almost straight away.

Also, there’s a Live Chat operator on Phone Site, helping you understand how to get going – just ask, ask, ask until you’re set up and in the money! They want you to succeed and make money.

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