Free Way to Earn Money Online

One free way to earn money online is made easier by the great new viral marketing software being given away by Tim Brechbill – and a lot of great things are being said about it.  If you’re keen to get started earning money online, or want to add an easy second income to your life, check it out.

Free Way to Earn Money with Ska Doogle

The product is called Ska Doogle and I’ll just tell you briefly about some of the new features that Tim’s added to the latest update to skaDoogle, in case you’ve not heard of this before, or feel now’s your time!

While, it’s already an extremely powerful piece of software, Tim just keeps adding more and more requested features to it. Anyway, here is a brief list of what the software can do for you:

New Features of Ska Doogle

  • Increase your affiliate income – GUARANTEED – with skaDoogle’s Free Professional Link Cloaker.  A link cloaker stops ugly and long links from making your pages and promotions look amateurish or messy.
  • Download 100’s of PLR Articles every month, already monetized for you – so that’s your content written for you!
  • Sell 2 Niche Products every month and keep 100% profits – great for keeping you motivated and focussed, it’s all money in YOUR pocket.
  • Exponentially increase your profits by giving away a report with YOUR affiliate links branded into it. The viral potential of this program is endless…
  • Discover how giving away this free book, showing people 7 Simple Ways to Make Money from Your Website or Blog, can make YOU money: See and Read this Viral eBooK
  • Add an RSS Widget to your site that displays NEW Products added to the Clickbank and PayDotCom Marketplace every day!  Great if you can add an rss feed to any other sites, or profiles, you have online already.
  • Earn quick money by automatically linking keywords on your site to Top Selling products in Clickbank and PayDotCom – this takes all the effort out of linking, leaving your time free of ‘mucking about’ with links etc.
  • Create a long-lasting passive, recurring income, 3-tiers deep.  Building a residual income means you’re not starting from $0/£0 every month!  This is an income that’ll build, over time, giving you a nice nest egg and safety net.

Plus way more than I can list here…

Oh yeah… and the best part about this software – it’s Free… at least for now anyway – just what you wanted – a totally free way to earn money!

Tim’s got several demos at the website to show you exactly what the softare can do for you, so I highly suggest that you take a few minutes from whatever you are doing right now, and go check ‘em out.

I can’t understand how this will be free for much longer. So if I were you, I’d at least go see what it’s all about now. It costs you nothing, it’s a great set of tools that make it easy to get started easily – so why not give this free way to earn money a go today!

Take a look at: Ska Doogle

Ska Doogle - Free Way to Earn Money Online

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Adsense Alternatives: Ad Click Media

Affiliates and website owners are always looking for Adsense alternatives. One easy to use alternative to Adsense that you get immediate approval for is Ad Click Media. No cost to you – of course there are no costs to you. Like all adnetworks these companies pay you as they are effectively “renting” a small space of your website or blog from you.

Like Adsense, as a publisher you simply get code for the size of advert you want and place the code on your website – and forget it. There are three types of code: there are the usual image ads and text ads, but also Interstertial ads (for those who use them). What’s great about this Adsense altenative is there’s no waiting and wondering about being accepted. Many publishers rushed to apply to Adsense before they had their sites properly formed and were rejected – so now either fear applying again, or simply don’t have the type of website that Adsense would approve.

Adsense’s rules for being approved are MUCH tighter than otehr adnetworks – and it’s easy to fall foul of their difficult to understand Terms and Conditions. Using alternatives like Ad Click Media tends to be much easier for you to use and earn an income from.

Finding Adsense alternatives makes sense for anybody wishing to monetize their website, whether to build a full-time income, or to simply cover their hosting costs for the year – and Ad Click Media is a welcome addition to your Income Arsenal!

What is good about placing this type of advert on your website is that you literally copy/paste it and forget it. When you paste that code on your site you are simply “creating a virtual space” on your page/s that the adnetwork can fill with their advertisers’ adverts. It’s the ad network that pays you, via Paypal.

No dead ads/links: As the ad networks are finding the advertisers and managing their payments, you never have to worry about whether the ads showing in those spaces are dead/alive as they’ll always be live and you’ll be paid for any clicks. Simples! Just join Ad Click Media today and get started.

Top Tip for Adsense Alternatives:

It’s useful to join quite a lot of these alternatives to Adsense – every website and blog will have a different response so you won’t know which one pays you the most until you’ve tried them out!

Further Resources

  1. Homeworker Directory of Programs Like Adsense.
  2. More Adsense Alternatives

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Big List of Link Building Strategies

This Big List of Link Building Strategies will help you to achieve your online goals – link building should always be at the front of the mind if you who want to grow your Website, web content and market exposure, but to call it a difficult practice is an understatement. It is, in fact, one of the most challenging components of search engine optimization, and one of the trickier areas in all of Web marketing.

For me, I simply never get round to it … by the time I’ve written my content I’ve usually had enough – and simply want to wander off and have a coffee.
Website Magazine - The Industry Leader - link building strategies
Fortunately, a number of helpful strategies have emerged in recent years, and Website Magazine has highlighted some of them I don’t want to repeat what others are saying better, but I’ve just read an impressive article on link building strategies at Big List of Link Building Strategies, from Website Magazine.

If you don’t know about website magazine, it’s a free affiliate magazine and free webmasters magazine, that covers essential industry news and information for anybody working close to the front line of producing content for websites or deciding on strategy. You can subscribe at: Website Magazine.

Have a read through – see how many of the link building strategies you can use – and comment if you’ve got a brilliant strategy that’s working well for your website!

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Best Affiliate Theme for WordPress

One of the best ways to make a good income using the Internet is affiliate marketing. As an affiliate though, your skills probably lie in areas such as sales or marketing, article writing, backlinking, posting in forums and using free classifieds to advertise. Probably the biggest stumbling block for new affiliates is creating a website quickly that works for affiliates. Using WordPress is the most popular route to go for most websites these days, but beyond simple WordPress you’ve then got the whole “look and feel” aspect, which can trip you up. This is when an Affiliate Theme can get you up and running quickly, leaving you to focus on what you’re really interested in or good at!

Of course, if you are serious about affiliate marketing, then you’ll already know that in order to succeed you need to spend a little cash to free up your time so you can concentrate on the parts you do well and enjoy – and if the whole world of website design is something you’ve no experience of, or time for, then you need to invest in an affiliate theme for WordPress.

Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Affiliate Theme

Having installed your WordPress website in probably under 2 minutes, it’s nice to know that with just a few clicks more you’ll have your website up and running and you can crack on with the serious business of being an affiliate marketer, knowing you’ve an optimised Affiliate Theme that you don’t have to even think about.

Probably the best affiliate theme for WordPress on the market today is this one: Affiliate Theme for WordPress

3 Alternatives to an Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Of course, you should be aware of your alternatives. Alternatives will involve more time in getting started, several days, if not weeks, but what are the alternatives for getting a theme for WordPress if you are an affiliate?

  1. Use a standard theme or site creator from a website host. When you buy a domain name, you will often find that there is a free website creator available to you. With this you can choose from hundreds of themes to get your site up and running. A website creator will create you a website, but it won’t be optimised for running an affiliate site. This is probably the way most people would have approached the issue a few years back. One website where you can get a domain name, hosting, one click WordPress install and all the other tools you’ll need to create a website is EU Host – I use this host myself. They have cPanel and Fantastico, making it easy for you to build your own website and understand what’s going on. A good alternative I also use is Blue Host, who offer free domain, free sitebuilder software, FTP, Stats, cPanel, one click WordPress installation, full support – and everything you expect from a world leading hosting company.
  2. Get a Bespoke WordPress theme designed. You can quickly hire a freelancer to create you a bespoke WordPress theme that looks just the way you want it to look – and having the functionality you want. Simply post your project on a freelance website and then scroll through the freelance quotes to pick one you think will do the best job for you. One of the best sites to do this on is Freelancer, a worldwide freelance website with a top reputation for high quality freelancer designers at affordable prices. This is a great way to get a unique look and feel to your website, for the best price and soonest. You will need to have the confidence that you are asking for the right solution, which means you should have a little experience behind you of what it is that you want.
  3. Learn to design your own website. For this you’ll need some website design software and to take the time out to learn it. While Dreamweaver is recognised as the top website design software, it comes with quite a steep learning curve. There are some cheaper, or even free, options available. Here is a free website design software you might want to try is First Page.

To Sum Up…

Getting an Affiliate Theme for WordPress is the quickest and simplest way to get cracking today. Once you’ve got your site up and running and it’s making a little money, then you might have other functionality you want, or you might have decided on the design you want for your site – at which time you can investigate other options, or you might simply just invest your time and effort in building more sales from your site as it’s proving it’s working for you!

You can pick up Affiliate Theme for WordPress here.

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Best Keyword Research Tool for Adsense Publishers

Are you using the best keyword research tool for Adsense publishers? If you are using a keyword research tool as an Adsense Publisher, you might not be getting the best results for earning the highest Adsense income that’s possible as a publisher. You might be using the wrong tool for the job – and that could be hurting your income!

Traditionally, most keyword research tools have been created for people to bring traffic to their webpage in order to sell goods or services, but if you are an Adsense Publisher, you are writing to bring traffic to your articles and content, in order to present your website visitors with the best Adsense ads with the highest CTR.

Probably the best Keyword Research tool for Adsense Publishers is one specially written by Keyword Country, that was built for Adsense publishers, with an eye on profit per page!

As an Adsense publisher you are trying to predict Adsense earnings before you write your content – and the Keyword Country keyword research tool is probably the best one that can help you to achieve this goal.

There is a free version of Keyword Country available, which is great for showing you just how powerful this software is, but the cost of the full service is just under $55/month – a truly affordable investment when you realise that just ONE carefully targetted webpage or article can earn you thousands of $$$s over the next few years. I have several webpages that make me $50-200 each and every month so this isn’t something to sniff at; it is achievable.

Keyword Country Software

Keyword Country is software that you download to your PC. This software then taps into the power of a continually updating online database of high performing keywords for Adsense publishers.

You can use the Keyword Country keyword research software in one of two ways, depending on your mood and needs:

  1. Type in the keyword you know you are researching. Perfect if you know exactly what you’re going to be writing about.
  2. Explore the lists through clickable directories, leading you on a voyage of discovery. This is great if you wake up each morning with no idea what you’ll write about today!

Keyword Country Information

What you’ll find is that you’re presented with some really useful information on the keywords you research, data, information and stats that will help you to choose which is are the best keywords for your article. For example:

  • Highest CPC – this is the amount a click on this keyword achieved at its peak.
  • Average Price – a more realistic estimate of how much you’d achieve from using this keyword
  • Number of searches performed in a month.
  • Competition – how many other websites are fighting you for good adverts on this keyword
  • Overall score – a calculation on how easily you will be able to gain a high ranking and high income with this keyword

Keyword Country is constantly updating its facts, figures, keywords and data – as well as continually improving what the software can do for you as an Adsense publisher.

If you are an Adsense publisher why not try out the free version today and measure it against your current keyword research tool. You should notice a difference very quickly in your Adsense account!

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Start a Site Monitoring Service and Gain An Additional Income Stream

If you’re looking for ways to start your own business, easily, then one great way to become a homeworker is to offer a site monitoring service to small companies either in your local area, or across the world! This is a quick and easy setup and should virtually sell itself to business owners who can’t possibly be watching their site 24/7 to see if it’s still online!

Every website will go offline at some point. For me, in the past two years, I’ve had a small host disappear overnight, another host arbitrarily upgraded their servers and my site stopped working and another time my site stopped working without warning.

I was lucky as I use a site monitoring service and so I immediately knew there was a problem and could deal with it. For a small business it could be disastrous if their website stopped working and they didn’t know for hours, or even days! There are thousands of small companies who don’t have the time to monitor that their website is working – if you think about it logistically, how often should you check? How much time would that take? 99% of the time it’d be working … and it might stop working just 2 minutes after you checked.

Losing even ONE customer could be the tipping point between success and failure of a business – and yet the problem can be solved so easily, automatically and cheaply.

Make sure your clients’ websites are up, and make money!

Are My Sites Up?

This problem presents you with a great business opportunity and a chance to make money. You can start your own business today, either in your local area, or worldwide, offering a website monitoring service to small and medium-sized businesses. You can pick the charge for this and then build yourself a solid monthly income that’s in your control. Location is irrelevant – this is a service every small business should have!

And the beauty of it is that it’s an automated service, so you don’t have to sit and monitor each site by eye/hand, it’s all automatically checked, with alerts being sent out if there’s a problem.

Ideal For

Running your own website monitoring business is ideal for two groups of people:

  • Entrepreneurs looking for an easy to run businesses working at home, with no technical skills needed
  • Existing web designers, or programmers, wanting to offer their clients an extra service, bringing in an additional income stream

And if you’re in group 1 above, then you could even offer your services through designers and programmers who won’t be offering this service to their existing clients!

Your Own Branding

Known as “White Label”, this service appears to your customers to be your business, so you’re not promoting another company, you’re promoting YOUR company.

You buy in the service, wholesale, then simply sell it on to your clients at a price you choose! You are in control – and the markup on this valuable service can be very lucrative.

The Business

THe business you can make out of this is almost hands-off. Your clients get:

  • A Personalized Client Portal, where they can can log in any time to manage their sites through an interface branded with your logo and company color.
  • Email notifications sent to alert you AND your clients when their sites go down and when they come back up.
  • An iPhone app that can be personalized allowing your clients to manage their sites on the go if they wish.

And, having provided this initial service, you’ve then got a second business opportunity if you wish to follow up each alert and investigate why the site’s down – perhaps taking on the IT support role of contacting the host and getting it sorted for the client (or sorting it out yourself if you’re a geek).

The further opportunities to up-sell to your clients is phenomenal because over time you’ll find they are coming to YOU to provide them with more solutions to their problems. If you’re an existing web design business, or are about to start your own web design business, or if you’re a programmer, this is a great extra service you can easily offer – adding value to your portfolio of IT services.

Overall, this can be a great business for you to start quickly and easily – it’s a proper business that’s yours and with your branding. Everything’s automated, you choose the price you charge…. in short, this is a solid business idea that you can make your own and grow into a very successful home-based business!

Find out more: White Label Site Monitoring

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How Do Adult Chat Lines Work?

It’s been four years since I last wrote a piece explaining how adult chat lines work – and even today this is still a massively popular way for homeworkers to create an income working from home, choosing the hours that they work. My original article went through what a chat line worker does, how they do the work. Today’s savvy homeworker is more interested in working for themselves than working for a company though – as they know they will reap the rewards of their efforts for a lifetime – and not be at the whims of a corporate organisation deciding their rate of pay and hours of work.

For many, still, the starting point is to get a job as an adult chat line worker, in order to build up experience and confidence – but for those who like to get the whole income for themselves, the best way forward is to set up their own adult chat line – and maybe this is something you’ve thought about before.

Technically, it can now be pretty seamless. Communications and the Internet have moved at such a pace that all the systems are available and in place, ready for you to simply buy into a service and set up your own adult chat line virtually straight away.

All you need to think about is how hard you want to work and how much you want to earn, then get cracking.

Start Your Own Adult Chat Line

hwdb2521 Start Your Own Adult Chat Line for Free

As technology is now digital, it’s so simple to simply tap into a system that’s already set up for you – meaning you don’t have to pay for entire systems to be hardwired into a building. You can start your own adult chat line, working from your own home phone and choosing your hours easily with companies that provide you with the technology in an easy-to-use system. There are often no setup fees, or small fees.


Sorry, no items were found to display. That could mean that these items are currently not available or that there is a temporary problem.

You could try checking later, or go and search eBay directly for ''.

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New, Improved Best Damn Redirect v3

Some time ago I was lucky enough to stumble across the Best Damn Redirect and snapped it up as it solved some problems I think we all suffer from

– Link Overload and a feeling I had Lost Control

– Tracking Clicks and Click Sources, meaning to, but not getting round to it

– Redirecting URLs, using third party programs like instead of owning a system

– Easily Changing Dead Links

– Being able to “park” my own domains, by installing just the script onto my spare domains and populate them with relevant products myself.

Best Damn Redirect
The Best Damn Direct is the Lazy Marketer’s dream really ….

And if that weren’t enough, I’ve found it automatically generates its own traffic (and even sales!) simply for me having entered items into my directory. I can’t fault it at all.

I’ve also gained:

  • Improved SEO, without any extra effort
  • New, unique, content, with very little effort
  • free website traffic and free sales; this script is generating me an income without me doing anything more than adding products to it!

… Lazy, lazy, lazy…. yes, but it pays :)

I would often come across some great things I wanted to tell people about, quickly – and the Best Damn Redirect enabled me to instantly just drop my new find into a directory, along with an outline paragraph of what it was. If I was in the middle of sorting something else out, or short on time, this meant I had it in my directory and wouldn’t forget it, so could quickly identify products I wanted to write about more.

Then, with a bit more time, I could grab my link and write a post or a page about the product, using my link as a link cloaker or redirect – with stats tracking too.

What started as a simple solution, really transformed my online work instantly as I was more in control of my websites and links.  It also gave me more features than I knew what to do with!

I could instantly use my directory stats to see where my clicks were coming from – and, should a product fall out of favour I could choose to leave the links in place and simply remove it from the directory with one click.

This feature alone really came into its own when companies and products were either changing their websites around, changing ad networks to promote their goods, or expanding the ad networks they used. Instead of having to track down and change every link I’d put, I could simply change the one redirect URL in my directory and it instantly redirected the traffic to the new source. As I could add as many destinations as I wanted for each link, I could also compare conversions between different pages and ad networks.

I’d say this script, in its first 10 months since I owned it, has directly enabled me to:

  • Be more motivated towards keeping my dead links minimised
  • Earn more money, it’s paid for itself probably 100x over (yes, really)
  • Annoy website visitors less as links weren’t dying.
  • Use the rss feed to cross post between my blogs

And, I’ve not even worked this script to its max at all – I simply uploaded it and away it went. I was also able to put the script onto as many domains as possible, so at first I put it onto 3 domains I own (including this one at Homeworker Directory ) …. I did intend to put it onto more, but then the unexpected happened – there was a NEW IMPROVED VERSION.

So now I am at the point where I have the new improved version, and need to get round to upgrading the installations I have and installing it onto my other domains.

Best Damned Money I EVER Spent…. here’s a list of the features:

  • Reset Tracking IDs individually – handy if you’ve been clicking to test, or any other reason you can find.
  • New features to set a url for incoming traffic to go to if the page is now non existant, expired etc! NO MORE 404 Error Pages!
  • Disable Thumbshots – You can now turn on and off the thumbshots from showing in your directory.  This gives you the options of [a] auto thumbshots, [b] no thumbnail images [c] upload your own.
  • Default Thumbshot – You can now set a default thumbshot (maybe your own logo) to be used throughout your directory.
  • Free or Pro Thumbshot Rendering – You can If you have a Pro account with Thumbshots you can enter your Account ID or, still use the default free thumbshots rendering.
  • Keyword Specific RSS Feeds – generate endless unique rss feeds instantly from your directory, using keywords.
  • Set the Number Of RSS Feed Items – simply by adding a number variable to your feed url to set or limit the amount of items to display in your feed.
  • Custom TID For Feed Links – You can add a custom tid to your feed url so that all the links rendered in your feed will use that tracking id.  Pinpoint exactly where your traffic is coming from even from your automated tools used with your RSS feed!
  • WordPress Auto Blog Post From Your Feeds – included is a WordPress Plugin that will read your feed and auto-post your feeds as blog posts to specific categories you set. Build a feed with a keyword and post those products to a specific category on your blog. Then set up a second feed with another keyword and have those posted to an entirely different category on your blog…. it’s endless how you can mix and match this automation!
  • Improved Twitter Posting & Facebook Sharing
  • Multiple Landing URLS – add multiple landing URLS for a single redirect. This means you can use one redirect url to redirect your traffic to multiple destinations. Perfect for joint ventures as you can easily share one link among many people you’re working with. e.g. a joint venture – when you mail to your list and promote an affiliate product you can add your affiliate link and your partners’ link – and the system shares them equally – the traffic to that redirect is split between all affiliate links and the system cookies – so if the visitor uses the redirect again they are served the same affiliate link they were given the first time around.  50:50 split with one other person, put your affiliate link in and theirs; 60:40 split, put yours in 3x and theirs 2x…. it’s just basic maths to get this working in the split mix you want!
  • Time Limited Redirect Access – set a start date and end date (and time) window for a redirect to work. Ideal if you have a special time limited offer to promote.  Any traffic arriving through that link at different times can be sent wherever else you wish.  Great for being able to use those special sales and offers ad networks send you through at short notice and for a limited time only.
  • Enhanced Search Pass Through

ADDED BONUS: Cross promotion solution – Display any of your
redirect products on any page dynamically to aid and assist you in
cross promoting like on download pages, confirmation pages etc.

Follow the simple instructions and products from your Best Damn
Redirect System will display based on the keywords you choose. Did
you just set up a ebook for sale on adsense? On the download page
add some code to it, the keyword adsense, how many to show and now
you are cross promoting adsense products with virtually no effort!

Check out Best Damn Redirect today and make life so much easier, faster and profitable.

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Free Internet Marketing Courses from Cody Moya

Free Internet marketing courses are always a popular choice with people who want to work at home and make money online. The subject of Internet Marketing is huge and each internet marketing course you do will either reinforce knowledge you already know, or teach you a new twist on something you’re using at the moment, or simply fill in another piece of the jigsaw for the future.

Cody Moya has a great set of free internet marketing courses which are very well written and exceedingly useful. If you can learn just one new tip from each one then that’s time well spent in your quest to learn how to make money online, make more money online – or even make more money faster. Whichever is your goal why not see if one of Cody Moya’s free internet marketing courses fills a gap in your knowledge.

Learning new skills opens up new possibilities, brings new income potential to you – and even makes you more confident and employable to current or future employers! Apart from that, learning new skills is great fun.

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Making Jewelry – Pricing Your Jewelry for Resale

Many people are turning to rafts to create their own homeworking opportunity. Choosing your own hours, you can create beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, which you can then sell online, or at local fairs and markets. Once established, you can then approach local shops, or larger stores, to resell your jewelry for you.

But, how do you go about pricing your jewelry for resale? If you want to make real money – not pin money – then you need to price your articles correctly. Don’t work for $1/hour and convince yourself you’re earning good money, KNOW the cost of your beautiful pieces!

Beadmanager Pro is probably the best software on the market, written by jewelry makers, FOR jewelry makers – it does more than instantly price your jewelry for you.
Bead Manager Pro - software for pricing jewelry for resale

You’ll have to take into account your overheads, the materials cost and the time it takes you to create an item. Nobody wants to work for $1/hour! If you want to turn your interest and hobby into a full-time income, then you need to get organised from the outset and confidently know how much each piece has cost you to produce.

You’ll need to think about your electricity costs, space to work costs, transport costs, telephone/internet costs, individual materials costs and the time it’s taken you.

Working all this out is probably a daunting prospect, but Beadmanager Pro keeps your inventory, prices up your jewelry – and, produces instant catalogs which you can give away at craft fairs, or send out to customers.

With a full money back guarantee, you can see how it works for you and how easily it makes pricing your jewelry too.

Free Book: 24 Ways To Make Your Jewelry Business More Profitable

Ideal whether you’re still at the planning stages, or early stages of building your jewelry business. With 24 great ways to make your jewelry business more profitable, there will be some which are perfect for your area, skill and sales plan! Get your copy here…., at the bottom of the page.

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