How To Make Money Online Using A WordPress Review Site Plugin

One type of site that DOES make money online is a review site, or comparison site. I’m sure we’ve all seen and used review sites at some point – and probably thought “if only I could have one of those I could make money online”. But, alas, it would mean commissioning a programmer and writing the spec … before waiting and handing over a pile of cash before you could launch your review site.

So, I was overjoyed to find that there is a WordPress Review Site Plugin that can instantly turn your WordPress website into a review site. Now THAT’S exciting – that’s something I can make money online with! It’s at

This is a simple comparison plugin for WordPress that’ll get your comparison website up and running in no time by adding Amazon-style user ratings to your site instantly.

WP Review Site is a high quality WordPress-powered review plugin, which is available on the market right now, so that means no waiting! Simply add it to your existing WordPress blog or website, or install a separate WordPress installation on a new site or sub-directory, activate the plugin and away you go! Wordpress Review Site Plugin WPReviewSite

You can collect user ratings or add star ratings, your website visitors can rate products or services and then rate it for a variety of items such as features, support, value, overall rating.

Automatically Create Comparison Tables

With WP Review Site you can have comparison tables showing the Top 10 products, based on the reviews your site visitors have written. You can define the columns to include/exclude in the comparison table.

The display is completely flexible, so it will fit your design.

Your site visitors can instantly view the reviews in order of average rating or by the number of reviews.

Add Ratings to The Whole of Your Website or Just One Part

You don’t have to have an entire site of reviews, you can just have the reviews as a section of your website. You can control if reviews show based on per category, per page or even just on a per post basis!

Review Different Products on Different Parts of Your Site

WP Review Site is so flexible that you can also split up the reviews, so they appear in any part of your site, where and how you want. So some of your site can contain reviews, other parts of the site might not.

Automatic Google Maps Embedded for Business Listing

If your site is a local reviews site or directory, you can have a Google map automatically displayed on the post or page, showing your site visitors where that business is. It’s all built in and you control this in the admin panel without having to touch any Javascript code or Google HTML.

Ratings Widget for Your Sidebar

If your site theme uses widgets, then WP Review Site even has a ratings widget you can drop in straight away.

Now The Science!

WP Review Site uses Google’s new technology, which searches the Internet for reviews and review sites and brings them up in its search results – this means much greater exposure of your reviews site than ever before. It has what is called hReview markup embedded in the code…. how annoying would it have been if you’d found out about this ability once you’d got your site up using a different WP plugin? This can be activated/deactivated by you with a simple tick box.

A Professionally Written Review Sites Software

A lot of really good and useful WordPress plugins are written by keen and passionate enthusiasts. Those plugins are great, but professional software programmers do things a little better, because of their professional skills and experience. WP Review Site is written and maintained by a professional programmer, meaning it’s more robust and will have been tested more thoroughly.

How Can You Use This To Make Money Online?

There are a number of ways you can make money with a review site. You could display adverts around the site, earning money from Google Adsense, eBay, Amazon, or any other adverts you want. If you’re creating a local area review site, then local businesses could be persuaded to buy advertising from you. If you’re making a product review site, then you could be an affiliate marketer and WP Review Site will let you specify an affiliate URL for each post or page you write, so that you can place a link out to the site in a uniform way across your entire site.

A Review Site Plugin is Ideal For:

  • Local business review sites
  • Product review sites (books, cars, hotels, holidays)
  • Niche product review sites
  • ANY site where users could have an opinion!

Cost: For just $97 you can get this plugin today and have your review site up and running by tomorrow. By this time next week you could easily find that it’s paid for itself. In my opinion it’s a solid investment – and it could be the start of a new career for you running your own successful review site.

Last checked March 2015

Easily Make a Comparison Site or Review Site with a WP Plugin

One great WP plugin you can get is a Comparison Site plugin, or a Review Site plugin. These are a very popular way to build a whole website from WordPress, or to just add a review section.

  • If you’re after free traffic to your website, then adding a review site might be a worthwhile feature for you to investigate and install.Here’s a list of WP Comparison Site plugins, it seems that most people agree that WPReviewSite is a good one, and very flexible, the one most people are buying – and at £97 it’s a lot cheaper and better than writing a spec for one yourself and then finding a programmer to write it – plus it will keep up with all the latest WordPress releases and you get free upgrades for life. It’s very well supported and popular. Website:


    WP Reviews plugins are quick and easily to install and run, making them the perfect instant add on to your website to get free traffic and make people seek out your website.  Ideal for affiliate marketers, local websites, comparison websites, products and services websites.  Some even have Google maps built in.

    If you’re just looking for a Price Comparison Plugin, then the plugin you need for this would be Comparipress, which is for comparison websites, not just reviews. This comparison site plugin uses products from Amazon, Linkshare, Commission Junction, and Affiliate Window.

    Below is a list of some others you might investigate:

    ProductPrice RangeMoney Back GuaranteeNotesLogo
    WPReviewSite$97 for single license.
    $299 for full developer
    30 DaysUses Bayesian Weighting for Rating.
    Lifetime support, lifetime upgrades.
    MyReviewPlugin$90 single license; $130 unlimited sites.
    Developer licenses on request.
    45 daysWritten for affiliate marketers.
    Uses Bayesian Weighting for Rating.
    Lifetime support, lifetime upgrades.
    MyReview plugin
    CompariPress - The Price Comparison Plugin For Wordpress!$7 30 day Trial. $97 single license.
    For making Price Comparison websites.
    ---Use on unlimited sites you own. This is a Price Comparison plugin, creating a quick price comparison website for you, or price comparison section. Uses affiliate feeds from Amazon, overstock, linkshare, commission junction and affiliate window.
    All links fully cloaked.
    Price Comparison Plugin for Wordpress

    These are great for making your website popular and “sticky” – and, if you’re an affiliate, making it easier for you to generate a worthwhile income more easily.


Last checked March 2015

Free Way to Earn Money Online

One free way to earn money online is made easier by the great new viral marketing software being given away by Tim Brechbill – and a lot of great things are being said about it.  If you’re keen to get started earning money online, or want to add an easy second income to your life, check it out.

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Free Way to Earn Money with Ska Doogle

The product is called Ska Doogle and I’ll just tell you briefly about some of the new features that Tim’s added to the latest update to skaDoogle, in case you’ve not heard of this before, or feel now’s your time! Skadoogle

While, it’s already an extremely powerful piece of software, Tim just keeps adding more and more requested features to it. Anyway, here is a brief list of what the software can do for you:

New Features of Ska Doogle

  • Increase your affiliate income – GUARANTEED – with skaDoogle’s Free Professional Link Cloaker.  A link cloaker stops ugly and long links from making your pages and promotions look amateurish or messy.
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  • Add an RSS Widget to your site that displays NEW Products added to the Clickbank and PayDotCom Marketplace every day!  Great if you can add an rss feed to any other sites, or profiles, you have online already.
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Plus way more than I can list here…

Oh yeah… and the best part about this software – it’s Free… at least for now anyway – just what you wanted – a totally free way to earn money!

Tim’s got several demos at the website to show you exactly what the software can do for you, so I highly suggest that you take a few minutes from whatever you are doing right now, and go check ’em out.

I can’t understand how this will be free for much longer. So if I were you, I’d at least go see what it’s all about now. It costs you nothing, it’s a great set of tools that make it easy to get started easily – so why not give this free way to earn money a go today!

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