Find Homeworker Jobs & Opportunities Fast

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Here we bring together all the ways you can work from home, meaning you can quickly and confidently find something that suits your needs exactly.

We’ve got information on real employment for homeworkers, teleworkers and telecommuters. We have freelance jobs listings. There are hundreds of ways you can set up your own business: from franchising, through to party plan. Or there’s simply earning money working from home, mainly using the power of the Internet.

There’s something here for everybody, so come on in and look around.

Real Work at Home Jobs

9:06 am

Many people who want to be a homeworker are looking for jobs where they are home-based. Many large and small organisations employ homeworkers to work from home, using their PC and broadband to connect to the office server.

Homeworker jobs can range from telesales staff, through to working for the NHS giving advice over the telephone about medical issues.

A site which has many real work at home jobs, for employers, is Real Work at Home. Completely free to join the site also has other opportunities of earning money working from home such as freelance jobs, text chat and chatline jobs, as well as starting your own business.

How to Monetize Your Website or Blog

7:17 pm

A lot of people who are homeworkers simply run their own website, bringing together news, views or information about their favourite subject, a specialist area or a hobby.

Once you’ve got yourself a website, which could be a blog or a website, then your thoughts will turn to how to monetize your website or blog.

There are more than 1000 ways you can earn money from your site – and a site that shows you what you can do, bringing together lots of free and premium resources is our blog at: Homeworker Directory Blog.

Paid Surveys Websites

9:35 am

For many people, their desire to work from home and earn a little extra stops at filling in surveys for cash. If you’re just looking for easy occasional cash, the paid surveys websites will enable you to sign up with some market research companies, who will pay you for your opinion.

One free paid surveys website is: Surveys Club, where you’ll find lists of paid surveys websites – and it’s all free.

Market research companies are paid by their clients to find out people’s opinions. From the answers they get, these companies can then make a decision on whether to develop a new product, or simply which colour/design of packaging is most attractive to their target audience.

Jobs for Homeworkers

12:13 pm

At some time, all of us will probably think about working at home. Maybe you are already working from home, or maybe you’re here to find jobs for homeworkers.

Well, you’ve come to the right website as we’ve got everything you need, no matter what you’re looking for!

We’ll share hundreds of ideas with you, show you how things are done, hand out advice and be supportive – all to help get you started as a homeworker.

We’ll help you to find home-based work that suits you. We’ll help you to avoid the increasing number of scams that are out there.

Freelance Jobs

1:31 pm

Traditionally, most homeworkers became freelancers.  To be a freelancer you had to set yourself up in business and then go out and actually “sell” your product or service… you had to produce an identity, business cards, information packs … and then actually cold call potential customers to tout for business.

Now we’ve got the Internet, freelancing just became a whole lot easier.  Now you don’t have to do any of that.  Instead you can just search online for freelance jobs, contact the person who needs the work doing and give them your price!  This means it’s really given you a chance to get started this week and if the job’s a short one, possibly be paid this week too!